Setting up and running a charity – form

Charities: HMRC Charity application form (ChA1)

Use form ChA1 to register your charity's details with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) so that you can claim Gift Aid or other tax repayments. You'll need to print and post the completed form. Or you can use HMRC's online service to register your charity's details.



If your organisation can’t claim Gift Aid online you can complete form ChA1 to claim by post. You should also use this form if we’ve asked you to provide us with more information about your organisation.

The guide will help you complete the HMRC ChA1.

It might be useful to print the guide and refer to it as you complete the form.

Get the right software

This form is interactive (one that you complete on screen) and you must use Adobe Reader to complete it. Downloading Adobe Reader is free. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Charities Online
Use the service to register your charity’s details with HMRC to get tax back on things like Gift Aid donation.

Charities and tax
Guidance about tax relief for charities.

CASC (A1): registration form for Community Amateur Sports Club
Use this form if you want to register a Club as a Community Amateur Sports Club.

Charities change of details form ChV1
Use this form if your organisation is already registered with HMRC but you need to tell us about significant changes.