Care Act 2014 Part 1: factsheets

These factsheets accompany Part 1 of the Care Act and reflect changes made to the Care Act statutory guidance in March 2016.



These factsheets provide an overview of the Care Act and the duties and powers of local authorities under the Act.

The Care Act statutory guidance provides detailed guidance on all aspects of implementing the requirements contained in Part 1 of the Care Act (2014) to local authorities, the NHS, police and other partner organisations.

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Published 6 June 2014
Last updated 19 April 2016 + show all updates
  1. The Care Act factsheets have been updated to reflect changes made to the Care Act statutory guidance.

  2. Added a new factsheet about the changes made in March 2016

  3. Updated factsheet 6: reforming how people pay for their care and support and added a new factsheet 13: appeals policy proposals

  4. Updated Care Act factsheets in light of the government response to the consultation on regulations and guidance.

  5. First published.

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