Form AAH2: Apply to be authorised to import live fish and shellfish

Use the AHH2 form to apply to become authorised to import live fish and shellfish in England and Wales

Applies to England and Wales


Form AAH2: Importer authorisation


Use this form to apply to the Fish Health Inspectorate to be authorised to import live fish or shellfish.

This covers coldwater and tropical species for the ornamental trade, as well as imports for scientific purposes, pets and human consumption.

For imports for farming, restocking, relaying or purification you must complete the AW1 form.

To import dead fish and shellfish for human consumption please contact the Food Standards Agency.

Published 13 August 2014
Last updated 28 July 2022 + show all updates
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  4. Updated the AAH2 form to include importing live shellfish for purification

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