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Improving mobile coverage

Some areas of the UK do not get good quality mobile coverage from network operators, or do not get any coverage at all. In some areas, especially remote rural areas, it might not be cost-effective for mobile operators to provide coverage.

Good mobile coverage helps businesses to grow and people to stay in touch, which can be very important for people who are vulnerable or isolated.

We are providing up to £150 million to improve mobile coverage in areas where there is currently no coverage from any of the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The first site in North Yorkshire went live in September 2013 and has provided coverage to more than two hundred premises where there was previously none.

The Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP), received State Aid clearance from the European Commission in December 2012, which confirmed that the project was compatible with the rules of the single market.

The MIP is being run alongside our plan to improve the UK’s broadband network.