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What we do

Veterans UK administers the armed forces pension schemes and compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service.

We also provide welfare support for veterans through a national Veterans Welfare Service and veterans helpline facility.

Who we are

Veterans UK is part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and was created in 2007 to help ex-service personnel get appropriate support from government, local authorities, independent bodies and the charity sector.

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)

Compensation, irrespective of fault, where illness, injury or death may arise as a result of service on or after 6 April 2005. The scheme covers all regular and reserve personnel, including those who are still serving. Tax free lump sum awards up to £570,000 for injury can be paid in service, with an additional guaranteed income payment available for the most seriously injured on leaving the armed forces.


Assessment, award, payment and maintenance of all pensions relating to service in the armed forces. This includes the armed forces pension schemes, reserve forces pension scheme and, for those disabled or bereaved through service, war disablement pensions, related allowances and other payments to veterans and their dependants.

Veterans Welfare Service (VWS)

Support to veterans, those who are eligible to claim for the MOD pension and compensation schemes and their dependants. The Veterans Welfare Service focuses on providing assistance where a change in life may have resulted in a welfare need. All help is entirely free of charge.

Veterans UK helpline

Provision of specific advice on the war disablement pension and armed forces compensation scheme claims. The helpline also offers advice on where to get help on a range of issues including benefits, pensions, loans and grants, emergency accommodation, finding a job, retraining, health issues, welfare concerns, service records and medals.
We also have up to date information on central/local government and ex service organisations, and other voluntary groups.

Ilford Park Polish Home

Residential and nursing care home in Devon for former members of the Polish forces under British command in World War 2, or who were displaced from Poland following World War 2, or their spouses. Ilford Park Polish Home meets a wartime UK government promise made by Winston Churchill.

Contact us

It is not possible to visit our offices in person, but you can contact us at

Veterans UK helpline

Veterans UK
Ministry of Defence

Thornton Cleveleys

7:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Thursday
7:30 am to 5:00 pm Friday

When the helpline is closed, callers will be given the option to be routed to Combat Stress or The Samaritans 24hr helpline.

We regret that we cannot enter into long exchanges with individuals by email as this is not a secure way of sending personal information. However, if you contact us by email and we cannot reply in the same way, we will reply by other means like the telephone or by post.

Additional contact information can be found on our homepage

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