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Ministry of Justice publishes a range of statistics relating to the operation of the criminal and civil justice systems, on aspects of criminal justice policy, and on other areas of the department’s responsibility.

Latest statistics

Ministry of Justice statistics


Ad hoc and topical statistics

Ad hoc justice statistics

An overview of sexual offending in England and Wales (2013)

An overview of hate crime in England and Wales (2013)

Freedom of Information statistics

Freedom of Information disclosure log

The FOI release spreadsheet includes all the FOIs answered by MOJ and LAA that include statistics or a link to published statistics. The spreadsheet includes the FOI number, the date answered, and the FOI question.

FOI release log (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 208 KB)

Statistics on the public disorder of 6-9 August 2011

Civil justice statistics

Civil justice statistics quarterly provide figures giving an overview of the volume of cases dealt with by civil courts, including statistics on judicial reviews. They also cover 6-monthly statistics on privacy injunctions, and annual statistics on the Royal Courts of Justice.

Mortgage and landlord possession statistics provide summary figures on the volume and progression of cases that follow the court process of repossessing a property.


Coroners statistics, published annually, provide information on the number of deaths reported to coroners, post-mortem examinations and inquests held, and conclusions recorded at inquests.

Criminal justice statistics

Criminal court statistics quarterly provide case level statistics on activity in criminal cases in magistrates’ courts and the Crown Court in England and Wales.

Criminal justice statistics quarterly provide statistics on defendant level activity in the criminal justice system, including out of court disposals, court proceedings and convictions, remands, sentencing and offending histories.

Knife and offensive weapon sentencing statistics describe the trends in both the number of offenders receiving cautions and convictions, and those in prison for knife possession offences in England and Wales. This bulletin does not cover all knife crimes (offences involving a knife) as published by the Office for National Statistics.

Equality statistics

Race and the criminal justice system is a biennial report providing key statistics on race in the criminal justice system as victims, defendants, offenders and staff.

Women and the criminal justice system is a biennial report providing key statistics on women in the criminal justice system as victims, defendants, offenders and staff.

HMPPS offender equalities report is an annual report providing a wide range of data on the equality characteristics of offenders in prison custody and in the community.

HMPPS staff equalities reports is an annual report providing a wide range of data on the equality characteristics of staff employed by the National Offender Management Service.

Family court statistics

Family court statistics quarterly provide overview of the volume of cases dealt with by family courts. This includes public and private law cases, matrimonial matters, domestic violence remedy orders, forced marriage protection orders, female genital mutilation protection orders, and adoptions.

Judiciary statistics

Diversity of the judiciary statistics provide an annual overview of the diversity of the courts and tribunals judiciary, judicial selections completed during the financial year, and the legal professions which provide the eligible pool for the future judiciary.

Justice Data Lab

Justice Data Lab statistics present findings from the latest Justice Data Lab analyses, assessing the impact that rehabilitation programmes have on reducing reoffending.

Accessing the Justice Data Lab service

Legal aid statistics quarterly provide information workload and expenditure in the legal aid system.

Prisons and probation

Deaths of offenders in the community is an annual report providing statistics on deaths of offenders on probation.

Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) annual reports published annually provide statistics on MAPPA eligible offenders.

HMPPS workforce statistics cover staffing levels and staff inflows and outflows since April 2010.

Offender management statistics quarterly provide detailed information on offenders held in prison custody and on probation. They include detailed breakdowns of the prison population, prison receptions and releases. They also cover statistics on adjudications and license recalls. Annual statistics for the prison population are released in July and for receptions and releases in April.

Prison Education and Accredited Programme Statistics is the annual publication providing an overview of accredited programmes in custody and education in prison covering offenders’ demographics in England.

Prison and probation performance statistics include the Annual HMPPS Digest, Annual Prison Ratings and Annual Community Performance statistics. The Annual Prison Digest which provides statistics by prison for escapes, absconds, failure to return from release on temporary licence (ROTL), releases in error, prison crowding, foreign national offender referrals, working in custody, prison earnings, accredited programmes, random mandatory drug testing, incentives and earned privileges, mother and baby units and electronic monitoring.

Prison population projections provide a 5-year projection of the prison population to aid policy development, capacity planning and resource allocation within the criminal justice system and the National Offender Management Service.

Prison population statistics weekly and monthly.

Safety in custody statistics provide quarterly updates on deaths, assaults and self-harm in prison custody. More detailed annual statistics are provided for deaths in January and assaults and self-harm in April.

HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 statistics covering key indicators related to COVID-19.

Story of the prison population 1993-2016

Reoffending statistics

Proven reoffending statistics quarterly provide statistics for adult and juvenile offenders who were released from custody, received a non-custodial conviction at court, or received a caution.

Tribunals statistics

Tribunals and gender recognition certificate statistics qarterly focus on information on receipts (ie, cases received by HMCTS), the outcome of cases by category (eg, cases disposed of at hearing) and the caseload outstanding (snapshot of live cases at a specific point in time) for the 3 largest tribunals: Employment, Immigration and Asylum, and Social Security and Child Support. It also incorporates statistics on gender recognition certificates

Youth justice

Youth justice annual statistics look at the Youth Justice System (YJS) in England and Wales for the year ending March 2016 in terms of the number of young people (those aged 10-17) in the system, the offences they committed, the outcomes they received, their demographics and the trends over time.

A monthly data report provides management information on the population in custody of children and young people within secure children’s homes, secure training centres and young offender institutions.

Visualisations and tools

Complementing our statistics publications are other websites that provide visualisations and interactive tools. provides more data and visualisations on a range of prison metrics.

Our tableau site provides visualisations and interactive tools for a selected range of our publications including Crown Court, Family Court, Legal Aid and Mortgage and Landlord Possession Statistics.

Statistics contacts

For non-media enquiries on our statistics contact

To enquire about the Justice Data Lab contact

Archived statistics

GOV.UK has the most recent Ministry of Justice statistics.

The following publications have been discontinued with many of the areas now covered by other bulletins above.

Accredited programmes annual bulletin

Compendium of reoffending

Court statistics quarterly

Gender recognition certificate statistics

Judicial and court statistics

Local adult reoffending statistics

New criminal offences statistics

Payment by results statistics

Probation Service workforce quarterly reports

Statistics on privacy injunctions

Statistics on the use of language services in the courts and tribunals

Ministry of Justice statistics before 2013 can be found on the The National Archives website.

Statistics policy and procedures

Our policies and procedures for producing Official Statistics

Home Office statistics

Office for National Statistics

Forthcoming publications

Publication dates for the Ministry of Justice’s statistical outputs are pre-announced on the ‘Statistics: release calendar’. This includes publications which are designated as National Statistics; these are produced and released in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

In addition to this, the National Offender Management Service publishes 2 regular management information updates on the prison population. These are:

  1. The weekly prison population bulletin. This is published on every working Friday, reporting prison population and capacity figures as of that day.
  2. The monthly prison population bulletin. This is published on the second working Friday of the month, reporting overall and individual prison population and capacity figures as of the last working Friday of the preceding month.

The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales also publishes a regular management information update on the population of children and young people within the secure estate. This is published on the second Friday of the month. The figures are a monthly snapshot of the custodial population, taken on the last Friday of the month or first Friday of the following month, depending on which is nearer to the actual month end.