Judicial diversity statistics

Official statistics on the diversity of the judiciary and judicial appointments in England and Wales

The statistics in this collection provide an annual overview of the diversity of the judiciary in England and Wales, covering:

  • court and tribunal judges, non-legal members of tribunals and magistrates in post at 1 April
  • different stages of the judicial appointments process, including application, shortlisting and recommendation
  • the legal professions which provide the eligible pool for many judicial appointments

For the first time in 2020, statistics covering the judiciary, judicial appointments and the legal professions were published together in one report.

Statistics for earlier years were published separately in the Judicial Office judicial diversity statistics and in the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) judicial selection and recommendations for appointment statistics.

A review of aspects of the methodology used within the published JAC statistics was carried out by Ministry of Justice statisticians, with the results published in February 2020 in a methodology review report.


Published 4 September 2020