About us

Our people provide objective insight so that central government can achieve better outcomes and value for money for the public – better insights, better outcomes.

Our role

The Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) is an executive agency of His Majesty’s Treasury (HM Treasury). We established our organisation in April 2015 to improve the quality of internal audit provided to central government.

Working across government, our unparalleled access, our expertise and the relationships we build lead to better insights and better outcomes for our customers, and for their customers, and for the UK public. As the government’s primary provider of internal audit services, we lead both the government internal audit profession and internal audit function.

Our internal audit function now covers 75% of central government. This includes 13 departments and over 120 arm’s length bodies (ALBs). The latest list of our Internal Audit customers can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/giaa-customer-list-2020-21. Our auditors provide central government with objective, independent insight and assurance enabling its organisations to achieve better outcomes with public money. Through rigorous evaluation and assessment, we help to develop better governance, risk management and internal controls.

We also have an award-winning counter fraud and investigation service, and support finance professionals across government in their role as stewards of public money.

Both our internal audit and counter fraud roles relate to activities requested by, and agreed with, our customer organisations.

Read more about our work in our Annual Reports here:https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/giaa-annual-report-and-accounts.

Our mission and vision

We developed the GIAA Vision with the input of our customers and our people.

Our mission – to provide objective insight so that central government can achieve better outcomes and value for money for the public – better insights, better outcomes.

Our vision – by 2023 we will have made a step change in the value we add, in the respect that we command, and in the engagement of our people. By persistently focussing on five crucial areas, we will ensure that we are:

  • Demanding on customer impact. We are demanding of ourselves and of our customers to maximising the impact of our work, and ultimately its impact on UK citizens.
  • Unleashing our people’s talent and confidence. We are committed to our purpose and are proud to be working in GIAA
  • Uncompromising on quality. We take pride in the high quality of our work and are commended for it
  • Ambitious on innovation. We are forward-looking, seeking new ideas to keep us fresh, modern and effective
  • Built on firm foundations. We strive to be the best we can as a trusted partner and exemplar of good governance.

The GIAA Corporate Plan 2020-2023 underpins the delivery of our Vision by setting out the strategic changes we aim to make to meet our ambitions, and to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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