About us

The Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) helps ensure government and the wider public sector provide services effectively.

The Government Internal Audit Agency helps government departments to manage public money effectively by developing better governance, risk management and internal controls.

Our services typically involve delivering a risk-based programme of work culminating in an annual report and opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of an organisation’s framework of governance, risk management and internal control.

We undertake audit and advisory engagements to help our customers improve how they deliver public service. We take account of the wider government context, as well as the specific risks and management challenges facing the customer organisation.

Who we are

The Government Internal Audit Agency is an executive agency of HM Treasury, established in April 2015.

We employ around 450 people in 65 locations across the UK.

Our customers include 14 government departments and over 100 associated government bodies.

Our responsibilities

We offer three broad categories of service:

  • Assurance work: This provides an independent and objective evaluation of management activities in order to give a view on an organisation’s effectiveness in relation to governance, risk management and internal controls.

  • Advisory work: This helps to identify where the control framework should be improved. It supports the design of enhanced risk management and control activities, often involving the development of programmes and frameworks.

  • Counter fraud and investigation work: We provide advice and support to customers on counter fraud strategies, fraud risk assessments, and measures to prevent, deter and detect fraud. Where commissioned, our professionally trained staff investigate suspicions of internal or supplier fraud or malpractice.

We also have a small team to oversee internal audit policy on HM Treasury’s behalf, and the GIAA Chief Executive is the Head of Internal Audit Profession for government.

Our priorities

The GIAA Corporate Plan 2018-19 focuses on the next 12 months, it also lays important groundwork for the Agency’s longer-term strategy and sets a clear direction of travel.

Building on our work last year, we are focusing on 5 key priorities:

  • Putting our customers at the centre of what we do
  • Working together to provide a better service for customers
  • Improving our specialist services to meet customer demand
  • Making GIAA a great place to work
  • Strengthening our foundations