About us

We’re the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), holding more than 49 million driver records and more than 40 million vehicle records. We collect around £7 billion a year in vehicle excise duty (VED).

We maintain the registration and licensing of drivers in Great Britain. We also maintain the registration and licensing of vehicles, together with the collection and enforcement of VED, in the UK.

This information helps us get the right drivers and vehicles taxed and on the road, as simply, safely and efficiently as possible.


We’re responsible for:

  • recording driver endorsements, disqualifications and medical conditions
  • issuing photocard driving licences
  • issuing vehicle registration certificates to vehicle keepers
  • taking enforcement action against vehicle tax evaders
  • registering and issuing tachograph cards
  • selling DVLA personalised registrations
  • helping the police and intelligence authorities deal with crime
  • providing anonymised data to those who have the right to use the service


From 2021 to 2024 our priorities, which align with our Strategic Plan 2021 to 2024, will be to focus on being:

  • customer-centric - we will develop our services around helping to meet our customers’ needs, whether they are individuals, businesses or other public sector organisations
  • a dynamic, digital organisation - we will continue to accelerate the redesign and re-platforming of our services, building on the foundations of what we have already delivered and being ambitious about the future
  • data driven - our priority is and will always remain to protect the data we hold. Our services will be secure by design and our culture will ensure that our responsibility to protect data, especially personal data, is at the core of the organisation
  • a great place to work - we want DVLA to be a great and inclusive place to work, investing in the skills of our local community and offering good-quality, rewarding jobs for the talented people who want to work here

Who we are

We’re an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT). We were originally called the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). Located in Swansea, we opened for business over 50 years ago after taking over responsibility from the local authorities, and are one of the largest employers in south Wales with over 6,000 staff.

We’ve been through a radical process of change, moving away from a paper-based organisation to a modern and highly efficient business. Over the last decade we’ve expanded our digital services and are now a multi-award winning government organisation, providing excellent digital services to our customers.

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