Press release

PM call with President Xi: 25 September 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May spoke to President Xi about trade, security cooperation and North Korea.


A Downing Street Spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister spoke to President Xi of China earlier today.

They agreed the UK and China should continue to consolidate the “Golden Era” of bilateral relations and deepen our strategic partnership, including on trade and investment, where President Xi noted that Chinese confidence in the UK economy remained very strong and where they agreed there was potential to build an ambitious post-Brexit bilateral trading arrangement, and on security cooperation, where President Xi offered his condolences over the recent London terror attack.

They agreed the situation in North Korea was deeply troubling, and that North Korea’s recent missile tests were a flagrant violation of international commitments.

They agreed the latest sanctions were a powerful sign of the international community’s unity in opposing North Korea’s illegal tests and that strict implementation and enforcement of the sanctions was vital.

They agreed that as joint permanent members of the UN Security Council, there was a particular responsibility on the UK and China to help find a diplomatic solution. They agreed the UK and China should continue working closely together to increase pressure on the North Korean regime to abandon its nuclear programme.

Published 26 September 2017