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Crime news: online training videos to help CRM14 eForm users

Selection of videos available to help you when using CRM14 eForm to submit criminal legal aid applications.


If you are new to submitting CRM14 criminal legal aid applications electronically, you will find the following tutorial videos helpful:

Success of eForms

The popularity of the eForm continues to grow, with 89% of applications being submitted electronically in November 2015. Using the eForm gives you the following benefits:

  • date stamping of applications on completion of minimal information
  • allows providers direct access to Department for Work and Pensions link to confirm benefits status of clients before submission
  • reduction in number of rejected applications – you only need to provide information that is necessary based on individual case type/client
  • combines information in the CRM14 and CRM15 in one form
  • CRM14 eForm uses technology providers are already familiar with – as with CRM4s, 5s and 7s)
  • less paperwork to keep on file
  • immediate communication relating to queries and overall outcome

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Published 15 December 2015