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Civil news: introduction of electronic CW3 application forms

Electronic versions of CW3 forms for extension requests on hourly rates cases.


Providers can now download electronic CW3 forms which speed up and simplify the submission process – making it less likely the form will be rejected.

The online versions of CW3 controlled work forms additionally provide:

  • top tips for submission and completion
  • validation of calculations
  • clear opportunities to provide essential information – including where a breakdown is required
  • links to relevant guidance

The new forms have been released following a successful pilot and feedback from pilot firms and provider representative bodies.

What are the changes?

The main change is that providers will no longer need to scan the CW3 form when using the electronic version. There is also a different email address to use when sending an application on the new-style form:

Help completing the form

Assistance is available if you need help completing the form. Just email the CW3 online team and someone will be in touch as soon as possible. There is a separate address for general enquiries about CW3 applications – see below.

CW3 guidance

We have recently revised the guidance in the escape cases electronic handbook for CW3 applications.

Further details are available in the change log at the front of the document.

Further information

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Published 3 July 2015