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Civil news: immigration guidance on prior authorities and disbursements

Escape cases handbook updated to cover prior authorities (CW3) and disbursements in immigration and asylum cases.


The escape cases handbook has been updated to include specific guidance on prior authorities and disbursements in immigration and asylum cases.

This update follows an update to both the escape cases and civil finance handbooks in April 2015.

As with all the content in the handbook this means that providers have access to the same information available as Legal Aid Agency caseworkers. This includes caseworker queries and clarifications.

Cost limitation increases

This means you are able to see what our caseworkers need from you when an increase to the cost limitation is being asked for.


The handbook also provides additional guidance on disbursements specific to immigration and asylum cases. For example, ‘country expert reports’ and ‘pre-decision reports‘.

Prior authority requests

The guidance also sets out the approach that caseworkers will use when assessing claims and considering requests for prior authority in immigration and asylum cases using the Controlled Work 3 form (CW3).

Checklist for CW3 form

We are also in the process of drafting a checklist for the CW3 form to assist you in submitting the information we require. Our aim is to publish this in July 2015.

The handbook should be used with the contract specification and other guidance, such as the costs assessment guidance.

Further information

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Escape cases handbook

Controlled Work 3 (CW3) form

Published 8 June 2015