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  1. Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) reference table

  2. Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) documents

  3. Military Aviation Authority training courses

    • 10 December 2018
    • Collection
    • MOD and MAA
  4. MAA international engagement and recognition

    • 10 December 2018
    • News story
    • MOD and MAA
  5. List of MAA approved organizations

  6. MAA regulatory notices (RN)

  7. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) 2018 documents

  8. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) reference table

  9. MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) amendment record sheet

  10. Table of contents: 4000 series (CAE) regulatory articles

  11. Regulatory Article (RA) 4000 series: continuing airworthiness engineering regulations (CAE)

  12. Table of contents: 1000 series (GEN) regulatory articles

  13. Regulatory article (RA) 1000 series: general regulations (GEN)

  14. Regulatory Article (RA) 4971: military airworthiness review and certification, MRP Part M Sub Part I

  15. Regulatory Article (RA) 4970: baseline military airworthiness review, MRP Part M Sub Part I

  16. Regulatory Article (RA) 4964: continuing airworthiness management records, MRP Part M Sub Part C

  17. Regulatory Article (RA) 4963: modifications and repairs, MRP Part M Sub Part C

  18. Regulatory Article (RA) 4962: special instructions (technical), MRP Part M Sub Part C

  19. Regulatory Article (RA) 4961: aircraft maintenance programme, MRP Part M Sub Part C

  20. Regulatory Article (RA) 4956: military continuing airworthiness management organization tasks performed by other organizations - MRP Part M Sub Part G

  21. Regulatory Article (RA) 4953: record keeping, MRP Part M Sub Part G

  22. Regulatory Article (RA) 4951: quality system, MRP Part M Sub Part G

  23. Regulatory Article (RA) 4947: continuing airworthiness management, MRP Part M Sub Part G

  24. Regulatory Article (RA) 4945: personnel requirements, MRP Part M Sub Part G

  25. Regulatory Article (RA) 4943: continuing airworthiness management exposition, MRP Part M Sub Part G

  26. Regulatory Article (RA) 4815: maintenance procedures and safety and quality policy (MRP 145.A.65)

  27. Regulatory Article (RA) 4814: occurrence reporting (MRP 145.A.60)

  28. Regulatory Article (RA) 4813: maintenance records (MRP 145.A.55)

  29. Regulatory Article (RA) 4812: certification of air system release and component release (MRP 145.A.50)

  30. Regulatory Article (RA) 4811: maintenance planning (MRP 145.A.47)

  31. Regulatory Article (RA) 4810: technical information (MRP 145.A.45)

  32. Regulatory Article (RA) 4809: acceptance of components (MRP 145.A.42)

  33. Regulatory Article (RA) 4808: equipment, tools and material (MRP 145.A.40)

  34. Regulatory Article (RA) 4807: certifying staff and support staff (MRP 145.A.35)

  35. Regulatory Article (RA) 4806: personnel requirements (MRP 145.A.30)

  36. Regulatory Article (RA) 4805: facility requirements (MRP 145.A.25)

  37. Regulatory Article (RA) 4804: terms of approval (MRP 145.A.20), approved maintenance organisations only

  38. Regulatory Article (RA) 4803: method of application for approval (MRP 145.A.15), approved maintenance organisations only

  39. Regulatory Article (RA) 4802: scope of the MRP part 145 (MRP 145.A.10), approved maintenance organisations only

  40. Regulatory Article (RA) 4801: certifying staff