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  1. Military Aviation Authority training courses

    • 12 September 2019
    • Collection
    • MOD and MAA
  2. Remotely piloted air systems class 1(b) duty holders briefing day

  3. MAA regulatory notices (RN)

  4. List of MAA approved organizations

  5. MAA course application forms

  6. Design Approved Organization Scheme (DAOS)

  7. Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) reference table

  8. Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) documents

  9. Propulsion integrity course (PIC)

  10. MAA course dates information

  11. Flight safety officers course (FSOC)

  12. Flying authorisers course (FLAC)

  13. Flying supervisors course (FSC)

  14. The Challenge of Regulation in an Age of Advanced Automation

    • 8 August 2019
    • News story
    • MOD and MAA
  15. Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment Approved Organization Scheme (AAOS)

  16. Withdrawn MAA regulatory notices (RN)

  17. Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) comment response sheets

    • 8 July 2019
    • Regulation
    • MOD and MAA
  18. Regulatory Article (RA) 1123: certificate of usage for military registered civil owned aircraft

  19. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) reference table

  20. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) 2019 documents

  21. Regulatory Article (RA) 5810: military type certificate (MTC) (MRP 21 Subpart B)

  22. Manual of maintenance and airworthiness processes supplement: MOD form 700 series of forms (MAP-02)

    • 19 June 2019
    • Regulation
    • MOD and MAA
    • Part of a collection: MAA manuals
  23. MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) amendment record sheet

  24. Regulatory article (RA) 1000 series: general regulations (GEN)

  25. Table of contents: 1000 series (GEN) regulatory articles

  26. Regulatory Article (RA) 1205: air system safety cases

  27. Manual of air system safety cases (MASSC)

    • 7 June 2019
    • Regulation
    • MOD and MAA
    • Part of a collection: MAA manuals
  28. Regulatory Article (RA) 1395: authorization to permit embarked aviation in Her Majesty’s/MOD ships

  29. Regulatory Article (RA) 1300: release to service

  30. MAA regulatory instructions (RI)

  31. Military Aviation Authority (MAA) transformation of the design and airworthiness requirements for service aircraft (Defence Standard 00-970)

    • 13 May 2019
    • News story
    • MOD and MAA
  32. Defence air safety occurrence report (DASOR) forms

  33. Significant occurrence notifications (SON) form

  34. Air Safety Information Management System (ASIMS) user manual

  35. Effective error management (EEM) course

  36. Air safety management system overview (ASMsO)

  37. Air safety data analysis (ASDA)

  38. MAA air safety risk assessment and management practitioners (MASRAMP) course

  39. Occurrence review group (ORG) course

  40. Occurrence investigator (OI) course