Past Prime Ministers

William Cavendish-Bentinck Duke of Portland

Whig 1807 to 1809, 1783 to 1783

“My fears are not that the attempt to perform this duty will shorten my life, but that I shall neither bodily nor mentally perform it as I should.”


14 April 1738


30 October 1809, Bulstrode, Buckinghamshire

Dates in office

1807 to 1809, 1783 to 1783

Political party


Major acts

Treaty of Paris 1783: formal end to American War of Independence.


The Duke of Portland always thought of himself as a Whig. However he was an important figure in a realignment of British politics which laid the foundation of Tory government in the early nineteenth century. This gave him a significance far greater than his 2 brief spells as prime minister would suggest.

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