Past Prime Ministers

Spencer Perceval

Tory 1809 to 1812

During a debate on corrupt electoral practices: “I have nothing to say to the nothing that has been said”.

Spencer Perceval


1 November 1762, Audley Square, London


11 May 1812, Lobby of the House of Commons

Dates in office

1809 to 1812

Political party


Major acts

Regency Bill 1810: due to George III’s ill health the Prince of Wales was appointed Regent.

Interesting facts

He was the only Prime Minister to be assassinated whilst holding office. The current Conservative MP Henry Bellingham is a direct descendent of the assassin John Bellingham.


Spencer Perceval enjoys the unfortunate distinction of being the only British Prime Minister to die at the hands of an assassin. His political career coincided with a period of upheaval created by the French Revolution. Having pursued a successful legal career, he was slowly drawn into politics.

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