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Improve your social housing

Improve where you live by making sure your landlord provides what you need.

Man fitting a lock to a door

What is it?

If you’re a social housing tenant, you have the power to make sure your landlord provides the services, support and advice you need.

This means that you can take a bigger role in your community by looking at your landlord’s performance and negotiating improvements. You’ll be able to help resolve local complaints, run a maintenance service, or even take on the management of local housing services.

How can I get involved?

You can play a bigger role in your community by:

  • getting training and support to challenge your landlord
  • setting up a tenant panel where you live
  • helping to shape services
  • managing a housing service or repairs budget
  • exercising your ‘Right to Manage’, which lets council tenants take over management of local housing services

This is all part of the Tenant Empowerment Programme. You can also follow the programme on Twitter.