Zoonotic diseases (zoonoses): guidance, data and analysis

The diagnosis, management and epidemiology of zoonotic diseases.

Zoonoses are infections that can pass between animals and humans.

You can get zoonotic diseases through direct contact with animals if you:

  • work with animals
  • have pets
  • have hobbies that involve animals

You can also get some of these diseases from contaminated food or water.

Diagnosis and management

  1. List of zoonotic diseases

    • Guidance
  2. Zoonotic diseases: investigation guidelines

    • Guidance
  3. Pet rats, mice, hamsters: reducing the risk of infection

    • Guidance
  4. Q fever: good practice for farmers

    • Guidance
  5. Farm visits: avoiding infection

    • Guidance
  6. Health spa pedicures: preventing infections

    • Guidance
  7. Salmonella: reducing infection from reptiles

    • Guidance

Data submission

  1. Zoonotic diseases: surveillance of laboratory confirmed cases

    • Guidance