Union connectivity review

The union connectivity review assesses transport connectivity between the nations of the United Kingdom.

About the union connectivity review

The final report from the union connectivity review, led by independent chair Sir Peter Hendy CBE, has been published.

Sir Peter was asked by the government to examine:

  • the quality and availability of transport infrastructure within the UK
  • where future investment should be targeted

The review considers transport projects that could improve connectivity and assesses their feasibility and potential impact on economic growth, social cohesion and quality of life.

The review also looks to the future – considering the role of future technologies and assessing the environmental impacts of current and future infrastructure.

Final report

The final report makes recommendations to improve transport connectivity and enhance quality of life and economic opportunities across the UK.

Interim report

The interim report:

  • considers the current picture of transport connectivity within the UK
  • provides a summary of feedback received from stakeholders
  • outlines Sir Peter Hendy’s assessment methodology

Call for evidence

The review undertook a call for evidence, which concluded in December 2020.

It sought views and responses from:

  • industry
  • academics
  • local authorities
  • engineering experts
  • the general public

Terms of reference

Research and analysis

News and announcements

Published 10 March 2021
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