Geological disposal: scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management's work

Reports about the regulatory scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management's work on the geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) Ltd is responsible for developing a geological disposal facility (GDF).

The Environment Agency will jointly regulate a GDF with the Office for Nuclear Regulation in England. Before formal regulation starts, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and ONR are jointly scrutinising RWM’s work to implement geological disposal. The work carried out under their joint scrutiny programme is summarised in a series of annual reports.

The regulators are also providing advice to RWM to make sure that it:

  • develops the organisational capabilities needed to hold a nuclear licence and environmental permits
  • takes full account of permitting and licensing requirements when applying to develop and operate a GDF
  • provides appropriate advice to waste producers about how they should package radioactive waste for future geological disposal

Regulatory scrutiny reports provide details of this work.

In addition, the regulators carry out technical reviews of research and development carried out by RWM on topics related to their regulatory remits of:

  • environmental protection
  • safety and security
  • radioactive materials transport and safeguards

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Annual reports

Reports from the pre-application advice and scrutiny programme

  1. Joint regulators' assessment of the 2016 generic Disposal System Safety Case
  2. Inspection of Radioactive Waste Management Limited's (RWM) provision of disposability assessment and waste packaging advice
  3. Suitability of radioactive waste disposal assessment and packaging advice
  4. RWMD radioactive and packaging waste: summary note
  5. Regulatory scrutiny of RWMD's work on geological disposal of radioactive waste
  6. Regulators' review of RWMD gDSSC: briefing note
  7. Developing a site licence company to implement geological disposal
  8. Geological disposal: development of a prospective site licence company
  9. Gas generation and migration from a deep geological repository for radioactive waste
  10. Geophysical surveying techniques for a geological disposal facility: review of recent developments and NDA's proposals
Published 1 December 2013
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  1. Added link under reports to Joint regulators' assessment of the 2016 generic Disposal System Safety Case.
  2. Removed Issues Resolution Process group. Regulatory issues or regulatory observations are now listed in the annual reports.
  3. New report published: Scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management, annual report 2016 to 2017.
  4. New page added to the collection - The early stages of implementing geological disposal: regulatory use of geoscientific information.
  5. New report: Scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management, annual report 2015 to 2016.
  6. New document added to the 'Annual reports' section: Regulatory scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management Limited’s work on geological disposal of radioactive waste: biennial report: April 2013 to March 2015.
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