Public health in prisons and secure settings

Resources to track, treat and prevent single infections and outbreaks in prisons, secure settings and health services.

The Public Health Intelligence for Prisons and Secure Settings Service (PHIPS) works with National Offender Management Service (NOMS), NHS England and the Public Health England Centres to support healthcare staff within prisons and other secure settings in England.

Infection control in prisons and secure settings

Reporting single incidents and outbreaks

Healthcare staff in prisons and other secure settings report single incidents and outbreaks to the health protection teams in PHE Centres.

Prison and secure settings health services

Health needs assessment toolkits

Managing potential exposure to blood-borne viruses

Improving testing and treatment rates for bloodborne viruses

Preventing offending and re-offending

Five nations health and justice collaboration

In February 2014, the World Health Organisation Health in Prisons Programme Collaborating Centre (WHO HIPP CC) founded, with other member states, the ‘Five Nations’ Health & Justice Collaboration’ with England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Five Nations meetings provide a forum for discussion, debate and collaboration for health and justice partners in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Their work also informs the work of PHE in its role as the UK Collaborating Centre for Health in Prisons (a partner of the WHO (European Region) Health in Prisons Programme) and facilitates sharing of best practice, mutual learning, and improved collective capability of health and justice partners in the Five Nations.

A joint meeting on prisons and health was held in December 2017 with WHO, EMCDDA and PHE. WHO HIPP have published The Conclusions of the WHO international meeting on prisons and health (2018) stating that prison health needs to be considered in all policies.


Published 27 May 2014
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