Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEES)

Project to improve and update evidence of how energy is used, and an assessment of the abatement opportunities for all non-domestic premises across England and Wales.

The Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEES) was set up by BEIS to gather evidence of energy use in non-domestic premises across England and Wales. The survey had three objectives:

  • To update understanding of how energy is used, for a snapshot in time, across the non-domestic building stock in England and Wales in more detail than is currently available;

  • To update understanding of how energy use can be reduced across the non-domestic building stock in more detail than is currently available at present;

  • To understand the barriers and facilitators of energy abatement.

The survey was carried out between 2014 and 2015 with results published in November 2016.

BEES collected data through a large sample of telephone surveys across all sectors and a smaller sub-set of site surveys across all sectors were also conducted to validate telephone survey responses and to inform modelling assumptions. The telephone surveys were used as the primary input into two models calculating the premises’ energy use and energy saving potential.

The key output for BEES is an overarching report, which explores energy use, abatement potential, barriers & facilitators to achieving that potential by sector and energy end use. It also looks at differences in premises occupied by public or private sector organisations, those occupied by SME or large organisations, and in premises that are rented or owned. Ten sector reports additionally provide more detail in relation to particular sectors and their specific energy use and abatement potential.

The information gained through this research will be valuable to BEIS in understanding how energy consumption can be reduced, and will feed into future policy planning to meet our long term energy and carbon goals.


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Published 25 November 2013
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