NHS population screening: access for all

Guidance and resources to help reduce inequalities in population screening by ensuring that all eligible people have access.

All eligible populations should have access to NHS population screening programmes and understand the potential benefits and harms.

The NHS population screening inequalities strategy sets out how we and our partners aim to tackle screening inequalities.

In addition to strategy and guidance documents, we publish additional resources, advice and best practice examples on the PHE Screening blog.

Guidance for health and social care professionals

Local screening services should meet the Accessible Information Standard to provide information to people with sensory impairments, such as reduced vision, in a format they can use. All our national screening invitation leaflets can be easily resized and used with screen readers if required.

Reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability explains how local screening providers should adapt services to help people with learning disabilities access them.

  1. NHS population screening: inequalities strategy
  2. Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening: reducing inequalities
  3. Breast screening programme: supporting women with learning disabilities
  4. Bowel cancer screening: helping people with learning disabilities
  5. Cancer screening and people with learning disabilities
  6. Cervical screening: supporting women with learning disabilities
  7. NHS population screening: information for transgender people
  8. Population screening: access for people with severe mental illness
  9. Sickle cell and thalassaemia screening: community outreach good practice
  10. Equitable access to screening: statutory duties under Equality Act
  11. NHS population screening: inequalities strategy

Easy read leaflets

The PHE Screening easy read leaflets are for people who have a learning disability or who struggle with written English.

  1. Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening: easy guide
  2. Bowel cancer screening: easy guide
  3. Bowel cancer screening: an easy guide to having a colonoscopy
  4. Bowel cancer screening: an easy guide to having a CTC scan
  5. Bowel scope screening: easy guide
  6. Breast screening: easy guide
  7. Cervical screening: an easy guide
  8. Diabetic eye screening: easy read guide
  9. Screening tests for you and your baby: easy guides
Published 16 July 2019