Population screening programmes – guidance

Equitable access to screening: statutory duties under the Equality Act

Literature reviews and tips to enable health professionals to provide an inclusive screening programme to all eligible people.

Equitable access to screening

All eligible populations should have access to screening and understand the benefits and risks.

The Equality Act applies to all providers and commissioners of NHS screening programmes.

Under the 2010 Equality Act screening programmes should reach protected groups. Other sections of the population who do not fall under a protected group should still have access to screening in a way that meets their needs.

NHS England released a refreshed Equality Delivery System (EDS2) in November 2013 to help NHS organisations provide inclusive access to health services such as screening.

NHS Screening Programmes also provide tools and information to help providers with inclusive access.

Equality Project

The national screening team has published equitable access tips to guide healthcare professionals.

NHS Midlands and East equality project produced these tips with involvement from local, regional and national representatives.

Additional workshop notes are available from the National Archive.

The project also commissioned Dean Wallace to produce a literature review.

2008 literature review

A previous literature review was undertaken by Tom Porter in 2008.