National Conversation on Health Inequalities

Reducing health inequalities: a toolkit and guidance for starting local conversations.


  1. 2015
  2. 2014

The National Conversation on Health Inequalities (NCHI) is a Public Health England programme about reducing differences in health. The aim is for local authorities to start talking about health inequalities in their communities.

You can use and share the documents in this collection to discuss health inequalities. The toolkit and research findings show the thinking behind this programme and ways to start a conversation in your area. They will also help you to discuss these issues with those who are most affected by them.

We want to work together to create a clear, consistent language for describing the causes of health inequalities. By discussing what causes these issues, we can help our local partners work with communities to plan solutions for change.

For queries relating to the NCHI, please contact the Health Equity Unit: