Mystery Shopper results

This collection brings together lists of issues raised and the results of cases investigated so far under the Mystery Shopper scheme.

On 11 February 2011 the Prime Minister, Francis Maude, the Minister for the Cabinet Office and Baroness Eaton of the Local Government Group, announced an extension of the Cabinet Office’s Supplier Feedback Service and an invitation to small businesses to become a ‘mystery shopper’. This was one of a number of initiatives to open up government procurement to increase competition and participation by small and medium sized enterprises.

Government suppliers can tell the service about tenders they did not understand or instances of what they believed to be poor procurement practice. The government uses this information to help challenge procurers to be more transparent and open.

The Mystery Shopper Scheme, previously known as The Supplier Feedback Service, publishes results of the investigations into the cases received. Only the contracting authority is named when we share and publish our results.This includes the issues raised and how many cases had been resolved at that point.

We update these results every month.

Mystery Shopper results

  1. Mystery Shopper Results: 2018
  2. Mystery Shopper results: 2017
  3. Mystery Shopper results: 2016
  4. Mystery Shopper results: 2015
  5. Mystery Shopper results: 2011 to 2014

About the Mystery Shopper scheme

  1. Mystery Shopper: scope and remit
  2. Mystery Shopper progress reports
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