Local level housing statistics

This series brings together all documents relating to Local level housing statistics


Local level statistics

All published data tables (live tables) containing local authority district level information are gathered here for ease of reference.

There are also two annual returns from local authorities:

  • Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA)
  • Business Plan Statistical Appendix (BPSA - Annual Monitoring).

(These were previously known as the Housing Investment Programme (HIP) returns.)

Due to such a large volume, not all of the data is published as live tables but the complete set of reported data for each year is available in the local authority housing strategy and business plan data section. Other sub-district level data (e.g. ward and output area level data) can be found in the Neighbourhood Statistics Services (NeSS) section. The latter includes some of the basic local authority tenure data collected from the HSSA and BPSA returns and some Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) tenure data from the Tenant Services Authority’s Regulatory Statistical Return (RSR).

Currently, the following housing topics contain data tables that are at local authority level:

  • stock (including vacants, conversions and demolitions)
  • house building
  • household estimates
  • housing market and house prices
  • rents, lettings and tenancies
  • homelessness
  • social housing sales (including Right to Buy and transfers)
  • contacts