Net supply of housing

This collection brings together all documents relating to the net supply of housing.

The net supply of housing statistics, also known as ‘net additions’, track changes in the size of dwelling stock due to:

  • new builds
  • conversions (for example, a house to a number of flats)
  • changes of use (for example, a residential house to an office)
  • demolitions

Local authorities compiling this data or other interested parties may with to see notes and definitions for dwelling stock data, which includes Housing Flows Reconciliation (HFR) returns form and full guidance.

Latest data on net supply of housing

The annual ‘Net supply of housing’ statistical release, listed below, consists of a short report and a set of accompanying Excel data tables which together describe changes since the previous financial year.

Live tables on net supply of housing

The new data are also incorporated into the detailed data tables (known as live tables) which provide all of the available detail, geographic disaggregations and historic data in the statistical series.

These tables also incorporate revisions if improved information is provided at a later date and will always contain the latest data, whereas previous statistical releases are not revised in the light of new data, but left as they were at publication.

Live tables 120, 122 and 123 are available on the live tables on dwelling stock (including vacants) page.

House building statistics

We also publish another measure of new builds based on alternative data sources. This alternative measure tracks house building in more detail (recording separately the number of homes that started to be built each quarter and the number completed) and is more frequent, being quarterly rather than annual.

The quarterly house building data are based on returns by building control inspectors at local authorities and the National House-Building Council (NHBC). See house building statistics.

Relationship between the net supply of housing and house building completions series

An explanation of the differences between these 2 sources of housing supply data, together with advice on the appropriate series to use for different purposes, can be found in the ‘Related statistics’ section of the latest net supply of housing statistical release.


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Live tables

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