Dwelling stock (including vacants)

This collection brings together all documents relating to dwelling stock (including vacants).

Statistics on the dwelling stock are closely related to our statistics on the net supply of housing, as the dwelling stock estimate for each year is equal to the previous year’s dwelling stock estimate plus the latest annual net supply of housing figure.

When we publish the latest data on the dwelling stock a short report known as a ‘statistical release’ is published on the website detailing key changes since the previous release, a year before. The tables and report are together known as the statistical release and are always listed at the top, with the most recent first.

The new data published in the release are also incorporated into detailed data tables (known as ‘live tables’) which provide further breakdowns, including dwelling stock statistics for local authority districts. The live tables also incorporate revisions if improved information is provided at a later date and will always contain the latest data, whereas previous statistical releases are not revised in the light of new data, but left as they were at publication. The live tables are listed at the bottom.

Tenure breakdown

The statistical release and live tables also include breakdowns of the stock into the 4 tenures: owner-occupied, private rented sector, local authority housing and housing association although it is not possible to split the private housing stock into owner-occupied and private rented sector at the local authority district level.

Vacant dwellings

There is no statistical release specifically dedicated to vacant dwellings. For data please go to the live tables on dwelling stock (including vacants) and refer to live table 615 and live chart 612.

The data used in the live table on vacant dwellings is drawn from several separate sources, each of which has its own statistical release: Local Authority Housing Statistics (replacing the Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix and Business Planning Statistical Appendix), Council Taxbase, and the Home and Communities Agency’s Statistical Data Return (replacing the Tenant Services Authority’s Regulatory and Statistical Return).

Local authorities compiling this data or other interested parties may with to see Notes and definitions for dwelling stock data, which includes the housing flows reconciliation (HFR) returns form and full guidance.


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Live tables

  1. Live tables on dwelling stock (including vacants)

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