Local authority housing data

This collection brings together all documents relating to local authority housing data.

This collection shows the district-level data we collect annually from all local authorities under our main collection processes (local authority housing statistics (LAHS)). The data is considered essential for central and local governments to have an understanding of its housing situation and how policies affect it.

Following a review and public consultation in 2011 to 2012, the housing strategy statistical appendix (HSSA), the business plan statistical appendix (BPSA) and the local authority housing sales monitoring (P1B) forms were replaced by this new rationalised form on local authority housing statistics.

The data is needed for many purposes including:

  • responding to parliamentary questions
  • informing policy development on housing issues
  • evaluating the quality and value for money of public services and public bodies

The data is also used in other statistical products and by other government departments. Some of the data provided through the form is used for grant or funding purposes. For example, data on new affordable housing is used in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s national statistics on supply of affordable housing and therefore to calculate the New Homes Bonus enhancement.

The data is also relevant to the formulation of local authority’s housing strategy and management of their housing stock and provides an important part of the evidence base for the local authority assessment of future housing requirements and for benchmarking and performance monitoring.

This site contains data from 2009 to 2010 onwards. Data for previous financial years going back to 2001 to 2002 is available on the National Archives.

For data collected between 1976 to 1977 (when this data collection process began) and 2001 to 2002, please contact us directly at to check whether the data is available. We can advise you about which set is appropriate to use if you wish to make comparisons with recent years’ data.


We are interested in understanding more about how our housing statistics and data are used and the decisions they inform. This is important for us so we can provide a high quality service which meets users’ needs.

We would be grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes completing this survey or contact us at

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Live tables

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  2. Live tables on rents, lettings and tenancies
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