Housing Benefit performance support information

This series brings together information to help local authorities deliver efficient and effective Housing Benefit.


  1. Documents

Housing Benefit Good Practice

The Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Good Practice has now been archived. It continues to be available to view on the National archive.

Housing Benefit statistics

Housing Benefit statistics are published regularly. Information is available about recoveries on fraud, caseloads and speed of processing.

Performance Development Team support

The Performance Development Team (PDT) is comprised of performance specialists and works with individual and groups of local authorities to help them become more efficient and improve performance.

The team’s help is paid for by DWP but local authorities have to invest the time and resources needed to achieve improvements. Local authorities are responsible for delivering improvement plans. In return for our investment, the PDT simply asks that authorities keep DWP informed of progress so that it can be sure improvements in the delivery of public services are realised.

The PDT is available to assist local authorities in areas such as:

  • working with councils to eliminate delay and duplication from their processes and increase their effectiveness and efficiency using, for example, Lean principles and reducing the time taken to obtain information in support of a claim
  • helping councils explore the feasibility of sharing Housing Benefit services to generate economies and efficiencies
  • assisting councils that want to improve their management of Housing Benefit overpayments so that loss is minimised through more efficient and effective prevention and recovery action
  • making best use of fraud resources.
  • reducing backlogs in preparation for migration to Universal Credit.
  • developing partnerships with groups or individual councils to help them plan, implement and manage specific projects.

If you would like more information please contact Zoe Brown on 0782 525 5609 or email

Reports on Housing Benefit administration for the Secretary of State

Reports on the administration of Housing Benefit by local authorities in England can be produced for the Secretary of State by authorised officers (under powers in the Social Security Administration Act 1992).

Note: Some parts of a report may be blanked out - where the text may assist fraudsters or contain confidential commercial information.