Housing Benefit for local authorities: bulletins

Housing Benefit (HB) bulletins provide advice, guidance and information on HB to local authority staff.

Urgent bulletins contain urgent advice and information for immediate action by local authorities.

HB bulletins provide general information, updates and reminders on HB and other areas of the Department for Work and Pensions to local authority staff.

We also publish:

Urgent bulletins

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General information bulletins

Universal Credit bulletins

Published 24 September 2013
Last updated 4 May 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added 'Housing Benefit urgent bulletins 2018' to the collection.
  2. Added Universal Credit local authority bulletins 2018.
  3. Added HB Bulletin G1/2018.
  4. Added bulletin U4/2017.
  5. Added new series for Universal Credit local authority bulletins.
  6. Added HB Bulletin G7/2017.
  7. Added HB Bulletin U3/2017: Discretionary Housing Payments to former residents of Grenfell Tower for assistance associated with a housing need.
  8. Added urgent bulletin U2/2017: Judicial Review about the inclusion of lone parents with children aged under 2 in the benefit cap.
  9. Added G6/2017.
  10. Added HB Bulletin G5/2017.
  11. Added HB Bulletin U1/2017: Upper Tribunal decision concerning spare room subsidy.
  12. Added HB Bulletin: G3/2017
  13. Added HB Bulletin G2/2017.
  14. Added HB Bulletin G1/2017.
  15. Added HB Bulletin G12/2016.
  16. Added HB Bulletin G11/2016.
  17. Added HB Bulletin U3/2016: Supreme Court judgment: MA & Others, A and Rutherford.
  18. Added HB Bulletin G10/2016.
  19. Added HB Bulletin G9/2016.
  20. Added HB Bulletin G8/2016 and Discretionary Housing Payment: summary of awards return sheet.
  21. Added HB Bulletin U2/2016: Payment Deduction Project.
  22. Added HB Bulletin G7/2016.
  23. Added HB Bulletin G6/2016.
  24. Added HB Bulletin G5/2016.
  25. Added HB Bulletin U1/2016: Court of Appeal judicial review decision concerning the maximum rent (social sector).
  26. Added HB Bulletin G3/2016.
  27. Added HB Bulletin G2/2016.
  28. Added HB Bulletin G1/2016.
  29. Added HB Bulletin G12/2015.
  30. Added HB Bulletin U2/2015: Judicial review of R v Secretary of State of the inclusion of Carer’s Allowance in the benefit cap.
  31. Added HB Bulletin G11/2015.
  32. Added HB Bulletin G10/2015.
  33. Added HB Bulletin U1/2015: Clarification on the impact of sanctions on Housing Benefit.
  34. Added HB Bulletin G9/2015.
  35. Added HB Bulletin G8/2015.
  36. Added HB Bulletin G7/2015 and appendix A.
  37. Added HB Bulletin G6/2015.
  38. Added HB Bulletin G1/2015.
  39. Published HB Bulletin G12/2014.
  40. Added U6/2014: First-tier Tribunal cases on the Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy.
  41. Published HB Bulletin G11/2014.
  42. Published HB Bulletin U4/2014: Removal of the spare room subsidy – Upper Tribunal decisions.
  43. Published HB Bulletin G9/2014.
  44. Added HB Bulletin G8/2014.
  45. Published HB Bulletin G7/2014.
  46. Added HB Bulletin G6/2014.
  47. Added HB Bulletin G5/2014.
  48. Published HB Bulletin G4/2014.
  49. HB Bulletin U3/2014 - New Migrant Access to Benefit Measures – First tier Tribunal Decisions published
  50. HB Bulletin G3/2014 published
  51. HB Bulletin U2/2014: Court of Appeal Judgement: MA and Others published
  52. Housing Benefit bulletin G2/2014 added to page
  53. Housing Benefit bulletin G1/2014 published
  54. HB Bulletin U1/2014: Removal of the spare room subsidy published
  55. HB Bulletin G12/2013 published
  56. HB bulletin G11/2013 published
  57. New Bulletin U8/2013: Judicial review on the benefit cap has been added to the list of documents.
  58. New bulletin U7/2013 added to the document list.
  59. Housing Benefit bulletin G10 added.
  60. First published.