Highways Act inspectors' reports and decision letters

Lists all Highways Act inspectors' reports and decision letters.

Local authority orders

Local authority order applications under the Highways Act 1980 can be for:

  • local bypass or link roads
  • improvements to the existing highway network
  • off-street car parking

Special road schemes

Special road schemes give authority to restrict the use of proposed highways to certain types of traffic. The highways involved are usually motorways or slip roads that lead to and from motorways, and are not for the use of pedestrians or cyclists.

Bridge and tunnel schemes

Bridge and tunnel schemes give authority to construct a bridge over, or a tunnel under, a navigable waterway. The scheme must provide very specific details about the proposed structure, such as the height above or depth below the waterway.

Side roads orders

Side roads orders give authority to:

  • stop up
  • divert
  • provide as new
  • improve

highways that cross or enter the route of a proposed new (or to be improved) classified road. They also provide authority to stop up and provide new private means of access to premises in relation to classified road works.

Compulsory purchase orders

Compulsory purchase orders give authority to acquire the title to land, or new rights over land for highway purposes. For example, a compulsory purchase order might be applied for when constructing a new highway or improving an existing one.

These orders also give authority to acquire lands or new rights over land for off-street car parking proposals. This authority comes from the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Cattle grids and bypasses

Local highway authorities can provide cattle grids and bypasses under section 82 of the Highways Act 1980. The authority must comply with schedule 10 of the act regarding publicising and posting notices about the proposal. The authority must consider:

  • whether placing a cattle grid on, or bypass in, any common or waste land not forming part of a highway and not belonging to the authority has any advantages
  • whether providing a bypass along any part of a highway has any advantages
  • whether having a cattle grid will meet the same needs as having a gate

National Transport Casework

The National Transport Casework (NTC) team carries out a range of transport casework for the Secretary of State for Transport under the Highways Act 1980.

National Transport Casework team

Tyneside House
Skinnerburn Road

Newcastle Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne


  1. A120 Little Hadham bypass: Highways Act orders
  2. A536 Congleton link road: Highways Act orders
  3. A380 Kings Ash Road: Highways Act order
  4. Southern link road, Worcester: Highways Act order
  5. Beccles southern relief road: Highways Act orders
  6. A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass: Highways Act orders
  7. A50 growth corridor: Highways Act orders
  8. Broughton bypass: Highways Act orders
  9. Hazel Grove A6 To Manchester Airport A555: Highways Act orders
  10. Sunderland strategic transport corridor – new Wear bridge: Highways Act scheme and orders
  11. South Bristol link: Highways Act orders
  12. Hereford link road: Highways Act orders
  13. Lincoln east west link road: Highways Act orders
  14. River Witham bridge and A15 Lincoln eastern bypass: Highways Act scheme and orders
  15. River Thames Reading pedestrian / cycle bridge: Highways Act scheme and order
  16. A1 Scotch Corner to Barton: Highways Act scheme and orders
  17. A21 Tonbridge to Pembury dualling: Highways Act orders
  18. A5 to M1 link Dunstable northern bypass: Highways Act orders
  19. Postwick interchange slip roads: Highways Act orders
  20. M1 to junction 24 to A52 Nottingham improvement: Highways Act orders
  21. A45 Coventry Road, Bickenhill: Highways Act orders
  22. A684 Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar bypass: Highways Act orders
  23. A45/A46 Tollbar End junction improvement: Highways Act orders
  24. M1 motorway junction 19 improvement: Highways Act orders
  25. Enfield South Street: Highways Act order
  26. A46 Newark to Widmerpool improvement: Highways Act orders
  27. A6078 Freckleton Street link road: Highways Act orders
  28. A4095 Witney Cogges link road classified road: Highways Act orders
  29. Taunton northern inner distributor road: Highways Act scheme and orders
  30. Station House, Midland Road Luton: Highways Act order
  31. Camborne Pool and Redruth: Highways Act orders
  32. Bexhill to Hastings link road: Highways Act orders
  33. Altering the constitution of the Humber Bridge board: Humber Bridge Act
  34. Luton town centre transportation scheme: Highways Act order
  35. Epping Forest cattle grids and bypasses: Highways Act
  36. Huntingdon west of town centre link: Highways Act orders
  37. A57 Worksop Road-Sheffield Road improvement M1 junction 31 to Todwick crossroads: Highways Act orders
  38. Chagford area cattle grids and bypasses: Highways Act
  39. River Tyne tunnels revision of tolls: Tyne and Wear Act
  40. Loughborough inner relief road classified road and Epinal Way classified road: Highways Act orders
  41. A1 Dishforth to Barton improvement scheme: Highways Act orders
  42. Crewe Green link road south: Highways Act order
Published 19 August 2013
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  1. 'A120 Little Hadham bypass: Highways Act orders' decision published.
  2. Decision and inspector reports for the A536 Congleton link road.
  3. Kings Ash Road, Paignton decision letter.
  4. Worcestershire County Council Southern Link Road decision letter and inspector's report.
  5. Beccles Southern relief road decision letter and inspector's report.
  6. Decision letter and inspector's report regarding the A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass published.
  7. Published Broughton bypass inspector's report and decision letter.
  8. First published.