HS2 Phase One: High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill

Information on the HS2 hybrid Bill for Phase One of the project between London and the West Midlands and associated matters.

Constructing HS2 Phase One

On 23 February 2017 Royal Assent was granted for Phase One of HS2. Since then, a range of preparatory works have commenced, including archaeological surveys and the creation of new wildlife habitats. We continue to engage with communities affected by the construction of the railway. Find out more about how we’re constructing HS2.

The bill

On 25 November 2013, the government deposited a hybrid Bill with Parliament titled ‘High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill’. The Bill grants the powers to construct Phase One of the HS2 network, but also grant powers to:

  • build and maintain HS2 and its associated works
  • compulsorily acquire interests in the land required
  • affect or change rights of way, including the stopping-up or diversion of highways and waterways (permanently or temporarily)
  • modify infrastructure belonging to statutory undertakers (e.g. utility companies)
  • carry out work on listed buildings and demolish buildings in conservation areas; and
  • carry out protective works to buildings and third-party infrastructure.

It also grants the necessary changes to existing legislation to facilitate construction and operation of Phase One of HS2.

The High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill and further details regarding the Select Committee can be found on the UK Parliament website.

For help understanding the hybrid Bill we have created a number of documents explaining the key elements.

Supplementary Environmental Statements and Additional Provisions

A number of amendments to the original High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill have been deposited in Parliament. These are known as ‘Additional Provisions’ and can be viewed on the HS2 Phase One Additional Provisions collection page. This includes supplements to the environmental statement.

The route

This section contains information relating to the route, including maps with detailed technical drawings of the areas affected.

Property affected by the route

Environmental impact

This section includes the Phase One environmental statement which was produced as part of the High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill.

The Phase One environmental statement includes more information, such as the likely environmental impacts along the route and measures to manage and reduce them.

Construction and operation


Getting the bill

Supporting information

Published 25 November 2013
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