Heat technical research

BEIS technical research covering aspects of low carbon heating technologies.

Low carbon and renewable heating technologies are going to be essential to meet the UK’s legally binding climate change commitments.

BEIS has funded or part funded a number of research projects in this area, covering, amongst others the following aspects:

  • Field trials of domestic heat pumps
  • Biomass boiler methodology studies
  • Heat metering accuracy testing

Heat pumps

  1. Evidence gathering - High temperature heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps and gas driven heat pumps

    • Research and analysis
  2. Heat Pumps in District Heating

    • Research and analysis
  3. Detailed analysis of data from heat pumps installed via the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme (RHPP)

    • Research and analysis
  4. Monitoring of Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive ground-source and water-source heat pumps - interim report

    • Research and analysis
  5. Fuel Driven Heat Pumps

    • Research and analysis
  6. Heat Pumps in Smart Grids

    • Research and analysis
  7. Impacts of Leakage from Refrigerants in Heat Pumps

    • Research and analysis
  8. Analysis from the Energy Saving Trust’s heat pump field trial

    • Research and analysis
  9. Examination of performance of air-source heat pumps in a London social housing block

    • Research and analysis
  10. Literature Review for the IEA Annex 36 on Quality of Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pumps

    • Research and analysis
  11. Investigation of the interaction between hot water cylinders, buffer tanks and heat pumps

    • Research and analysis
  12. The effects of cycling on heat pump performance

    • Independent report
  13. Acoustic noise measurements of Air Source Heat Pumps

    • Research and analysis
  14. Preliminary report on the Renewable Heat Premium Payment metering programme

    • Research and analysis
  15. Water source heat map layer

    • Policy paper

Biomass boiler research

Heat meter research

  1. Heat meter accuracy testing

    • Research and analysis
  2. Heat meter measurement errors final report

    • Research and analysis

Heat networks research

Waste heat research

Boiler research

Heat storage research

  1. Evidence gathering - Thermal energy storage

    • Research and analysis

Solar heating research


Published 7 August 2013
Last updated 16 November 2016 + full page history
  1. Updated with new evidence gathering reports
  2. Addition of RHPP evaluation, assessment of the potential for combined heat and power and district heating and cooling in the UK, non domestic RHI ground source and water source heat pump reports, and heat pumps in district heating reports.
  3. First published.