Environmental permitting: landfill sector technical guidance

Guidance and templates for landfill operators on the technical standards required to meet environmental protection and permit conditions.

Landfill overview guidance

Landfill engineering

  1. Our approach to landfill engineering: LFE1
  2. Cylinder testing geomembranes and their protective materials: LFE2
  3. Using geosynthetic clay liners in landfill engineering: LFE3
  4. Earthworks in landfill engineering: LFE4
  5. Using geomembranes in landfill engineering: LFE5
  6. Guidance on using landfill cover materials: LFE6
  7. Using non woven protector geotextiles in landfill engineering: LFE7
  8. Geophysical testing of geomembranes used in landfills: LFE8
  9. Compliance testing earthworks on landfill sites using nuclear density gauges: LFE9
  10. Using bentonite enriched soils in landfill engineering: LFE10

Landfill gas

Landfill leachate

Landfill monitoring

Landfill treatment, testing and acceptance

  1. Waste acceptance at landfills
  2. Treatment of waste for landfill
  3. Waste sampling and testing for disposal to landfill

Landfill closure and permit surrender

Landfill application templates

Published 3 July 2014