Defence Cyber Protection Partnership

DCPP is a joint Ministry of Defence (MOD) and industry initiative to improve the protection of the defence supply chain from the cyber threat.

The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP), a government industry initiative was formed to create a joint response to the cyber threat.

The DCPP aims to protect our military capability by improving cyber defence through the MOD’s supply chain while preserving existing investment in cyber security measures.

As part of the partnership the Ministry of Defence has created a number of cyber security standards that have to be met to contract with MOD, these are outlined in the Cyber Security Model (CSM).

In order for a supplier to demonstrate their compliance MOD has created Octavian/Supplier Cyber Protection. This free online tool enables you to complete both risk assessments (RA) and supplier assurance questionnaires (SAQ). .

DCPP events

Our current focus is delivering internal briefings and publications. These are our confirmed external events for September:

DVD 2018 is the event for those involved in equipment and support for the UK’s Land Forces. It will showcase the equipment and technology that can support a British Army that is fit to meet future challenges and embrace the need for continuous adaptation. DCPP will be at stand C2-102.

What is the DCPP ?

The DCPP is the partnership between the MOD and industry to decide upon new cyber security standards for industry. These are outlined in our Cyber Security Model which is built upon the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

You can find more information about the DCPP by joining the DCPP groups on CiSP and LinkedIn.

How to comply with the CSM

The Cyber Security Model (CSM) outlines the minimum required cyber security standards depending on the cyber risk level of each contract. The contractual requirement to meet the CSM is outlined in Defence Standard (DEFSTAN) 05-138 and Defence Condition (DEFCON) 658.

The DEFCON is one of a suite of conditions which make up a contract and you can view all MOD contract conditions on the Commercial Toolkit, which can be accessed by registering on the Acquisition System Guidance.

Communicate DCPP to others

These links and documents are here to assist you in understanding the requirements of the Cyber Security Model and communicating them to your staff and sub-contractors.

DCPP, Cyber Security Model: podcast. This 30 minute podcast is suitable for suppliers and practitioners of the Cyber Security Model. Please note: this podcast is hosted by a third party and the MOD is not responsible for the content of that site.

DCPP, Supply Chain Cyber Resilience: podcast. This 30 minute podcast is suitable for senior business leaders and CEOs of small and medium sized enterprises. Please note: this podcast is hosted by a third party and the MOD is not responsible for the content of that site.

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