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Starting up a company or organisation

Authorising your agent

Company Tax Return (CT600)

Company Tax Return (CT600) - supplementary pages

  1. Corporation Tax: close company loans and arrangements to confer benefits on participators (CT600A (2015) Version 3)
  2. Corporation Tax: controlled foreign companies and foreign permanent establishment exemptions (CT600B (2015) version 3)
  3. Corporation Tax: group and consortium relief (CT600C (2018) version 3)
  4. Corporation Tax: insurance (CT600D (2015) version 3)
  5. Corporation Tax: charity and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CT600E (2015) version 3)
  6. Corporation Tax: Tonnage Tax (CT600F (2015) version 3)
  7. Corporation Tax: cross-border royalties (CT600H (2015) Version 3)
  8. Corporation Tax: supplementary charge in respect of ring fence trades (CT600I (2015) version 3)
  9. Corporation Tax: disclosure of tax avoidance schemes (CT600J (2015) Version 3)
  10. Corporation Tax: Restitution Tax (CT600K (2017) version 3)

Reclaim tax paid by close companies on loans to participators

Return of Income Tax on company payments

Return for non-qualifying company distributions

Return of stock dividends

Disincorporation Relief

Research and Development tax relief

Notes to paper forms

Published 14 February 2007