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Corporation Tax: return of Income Tax on company payments (CT61)

Use form CT61 to claim return of Income Tax, interest, alternative finance payments, manufactured payments from abroad and tax on relevant distributions.



If your company or organisation pays interest, royalties, alternative finance payments, manufactured payments, relevant distributions or any similar recurring payment, you must generally make these payments after deducting Income Tax at the basic rate - currently 20%. You need to tell HM Revenue and Customs about these payments and pay the Income Tax that you’ve collected. Use form CT61 to do this unless your company or organisation is a limited liability partnership (LLP).

Request form CT61

You can’t download form CT61 but you can request it online.

Request form CT61

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You can also request form CT61 on Telephone:

03000 518 371

03000 518 230

03000 517 448

03000 517 477

03000 518 239

03000 517 554

If you are an LLP you must send a letter and clearly state that you are a LLP and quote your Unique Taxpayer reference with details of the payment made and the tax deducted to:

HM Revenue and Customs
Self Assessment
PO BOX 4000
CF14 8HR

Technical guidance on when to use form CT61
Use this guidance to understand when to complete form CT61.

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