Corporation Tax: disclosure of tax avoidance schemes (CT600J (2015) Version 3)

Use supplementary pages if you're party to any notifiable arrangements under S308, 309, 310 Finance Act 2004 (FA 2004).



Before you download the form and send it in the post, check when you need to send an online Company Tax Return.

Fill in these supplementary pages if you:

  • are a party to any notifiable arrangements under S308, 309, 310 FA 2004, which you’ve set up to avoid tax
  • have received an 8 digit Scheme Reference Number
  • have entered into a transaction which is part of those arrangements either in this or a previous accounting period, and expect to receive a tax advantage from those arrangements in this or any future accounting period.

Corporation Tax: Company Tax Return (CT600 (2018) Version 3)
Use form CT600 (2018) version 3 to file a Company Tax Return for accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2015.

How to complete a Company Tax Return
Use the CT600 Guide (2018) Version 3 to help you complete form CT600 (2018) Company Tax Return.

Corporation Tax: Budget changes (CT600 Budget Insert)
Use CT600 Budget Insert for an overview of the main Budget changes affecting Corporation Tax.

Published 7 April 2015
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