Coronavirus (COVID-19): personal protective equipment (PPE) hub

Guidance about coronavirus (COVID-19) personal protective equipment (PPE).

This guidance contains information on personal protective equipment (PPE), and infection prevention and control (IPC).

We are currently experiencing sustained transmission of COVID-19 across the UK.

More guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found on our main guidance page.

View the government’s UK-wide personal protective equipment plan.

Health and social care settings

Those most at risk within the UK are professionals working in health and social care sectors. This because these sectors are responsible for providing essential treatment and care for those who are confirmed to have COVID-19, are symptomatic or are highly vulnerable. They are in prolonged close contact with individuals who are symptomatic or particularly vulnerable to infection.

The UK government and devolved administrations published clear guidance on appropriate PPE for health and social care workers. This has been written and reviewed by all 4 UK public health bodies and informed by NHS infection prevention control experts. Our guidance is consistent with World Health Organization (WHO) guidance for protecting health and social care workers from COVID-19.

Published 10 April 2020
Last updated 31 July 2020 + show all updates
  1. Added Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) illustrated guide for community and social care settings guidance.

  2. Added 'How to work safely in care homes'.

  3. Added a statement to clarify that the UK is currently experiencing sustained community transmission.

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