CMA mergers guidance

A collection of guidance published by the CMA on mergers work.

Some of this guidance was originally published by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Competition Commission (CC) and has been adopted by the CMA board. Please see individual publication pages for full details.

CMA mergers guidance documents

  1. Mergers jurisdictional thresholds from June 2018
  2. Mergers - the CMA’s jurisdiction and procedure: CMA2
  3. Mergers: How to notify the CMA of a merger
  4. Merger assessment guidelines: CC2/OFT1254
  5. Quick guide to UK merger assessment: CMA18
  6. Disclosure of information in CMA work: CC7
  7. Merger remedies
  8. Mergers exceptions to the duty to refer and undertakings in lieu
  9. Interim Measures and derogations: guidance and templates
  10. Water and sewerage mergers: CMA49
  11. CMA’s mergers intelligence function: CMA56
  12. Mergers customer survey design and presentation
  13. Review of NHS mergers: CMA29
  14. Economic analysis submissions best practice: CC2com3
  15. Government in markets: OFT1113
Published 31 March 2014
Last updated 31 July 2014 + show all updates
  1. Review of NHS mergers: CMA29 added
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