Civil Service Leadership Academy

The Civil Service Leadership Academy supports senior leaders to be truly effective in the unique context of government.

What we do

The Leadership Academy offers a range of well thought through, tested events and interventions, as well as pilots for additional learning offers. We aim to provide events to help civil servants become the best leaders they can be. These will be offered initially to Senior Civil Servants and people on talent programmes.

The Civil Service Leadership Academy will support our leaders and inspire them to deliver. The Leadership Academy:

  • understands the unique environment in which civil servants work, developing leaders to adapt to change.
  • recognises the importance of leadership at every level, supporting all leaders across professions, grades and roles.
  • develops every person for the leadership they need in the current moment they are working in.

The Leadership Academy offers a different approach to learning. By bringing leaders together from across the Civil Service to share experiences and expertise, it will improve outcomes for all.

At the heart of the Leadership Academy is the belief that we learn best when we:

  • are supported to decide for ourselves what learning is most useful to us rather than having it imposed on us.
  • learn from experienced leaders who have a real understanding of our work.
  • are encouraged to explore different ways of leading in a safe space.

Our sponsors

Our faculty

The Civil Service Leadership Academy is built on the principle of ‘Leaders Teaching Leaders’ people learning from the experience and expertise of their colleagues who understand the unique context in which we work.

Internal faculty members are involved in the Academy in different ways - as facilitators, presenters, or case study sponsors, for example - and join a network that meets several times a year to develop and share their skills and knowledge.

If you are an experienced facilitator or a leader keen to share your practice with other leaders across the Civil Service, please contact

Our partners

  • Defence Academy: a strategic partner and hub location for the Leadership Academy
  • Civil Service professions: working together to foster knowledge and experience across civil service disciplines
  • Departments: sharing excellent leadership practice and leadership development created in departments

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