Learning events calendar

The Leadership Academy holds regular learning events for civil servants.

Some events are specifically tailored to people making the transition from one grade to the next. Another set of events will help you develop a fully engaged style of leadership that really connects with people. A third learning offer will develop your understanding of the core Civil Service ‘disciplines’ that underpin the work of the organisation, including politics, finance, commercial, digital and project delivery.

All of our learning opportunities allow networking with peers and experts, as well as helping to build relationships to encourage learning across departments, professions and agencies.


Date Event Location
18 Oct Implementation Insights London
Date Event Location
1 Nov Parliamentary Insights: Select Committees London
6 & 7 Nov Deputy director induction programme: Base Camp Shrivenham Defence Academy, Swindon
7 Nov 10 Questions about Finance London
8 Nov Advanced Media Skills  
8 Nov Operational Delivery in government - the questions you’re too senior to ask London
13 Nov Leaders Teaching Leaders: Matthew Rycroft CBE, Permanent Secretary, DfID London
14 Nov Leading as an SRO London
15 Nov Storytelling: communicating to inspire London
19 Nov Immersive learning series: responding to the threat of WMDs *for HPDS participants and alumni  
20 Nov Human Resources in government - what every senior leader needs to know London
22 Nov Parliamentary Insights: Debates and Voting London
22 Nov SCS Materclass - Micro behaviours (AM) London
22 Nov SCS Materclass - Micro behaviours (PM) London
26 Nov Law in Government: ten questions you’re too senior ask London
27 Nov Creating a Coaching Culture: leader as developer London
27 Nov Immersive learning series: rebuilding franchising *for attendees of Deputy Director Base Camp  
28 Nov Leaders Teaching Leaders: Alex Chisholm, Permanent Secretary, BEIS London
29 Nov New Perspectives on Performance Management London
Date Event Location
3 & 4 Dec Creating a Powerful Personal Presence (2 day course) London
5 Dec Director Induction Leadership event London
6 & 7 Dec Deputy director induction programme: Base Camp Shrivenham Defence Academy, Swindon
7 Dec The Spending Journey: introduction to the effective management of public money London
7 Dec Inclusive leadership London
12 Dec High-impact communication London
13 Dec Parliamentary Insights: Pre- and post-legislative scrutiny London
13 Dec SCS Masterclass: What is the step change you want to make as a leader? (AM) Birmingham


Date Event Location
5 Feb Leaders Teaching Leaders: Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England London
7 Feb Inclusive leadership London
Date Event Location
14 March Leaders Teaching Leaders: Bernadette Kelly CB, Permanent Secretary, DfT London
Date Event Location
3 April Leaders Teaching Leaders: Leslie Evans, Permanent Secretary, Scottish Government London
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