Centre for Defence Enterprise: submit your research proposal

Guidance about the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) proposal submission process.

The only way to submit a proposal to CDE is online.

Read the guidance here to help you understand the process. It’s the same if you’re submitting a proposal to the enduring competition or a themed competition.

Submit your research proposal

How to submit a proposal to us, our online submission service, processes and terms and conditions.

  1. CDE: how to submit a proposal

    • Guidance
  2. CDE: terms and conditions and contract guidance

    • Guidance
  3. CDE: how your proposal is assessed

    • Guidance
  4. CDE: intellectual property

    • Guidance
  5. Submit a CDE proposal online: acceptable use

    • Guidance
Published 30 June 2014
Last updated 12 November 2015 + show all updates
  1. How you submit a proposal to CDE has changed. This updated guidance covers the new online submission service.
  2. How you submit a research proposal to the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is changing in November 2015. Current users will need to save copies of information you have in the portal if you want to keep it, before 16 December 2015.
  3. CDE’s online portal will be offline for maintenance from 5pm on Friday 14 August 2015. This could take up to the morning of Monday 17 August 2015. We advise not to use the portal in the minutes approaching 5pm to avoid you losing any unsaved data.
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