Contact a DASA Innovation Partner

Guidance on how to contact one of the Defence and Security Accelerator's regionally based Innovation Partners

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has a team of regionally based Innovation Partners, who are available to give advice to suppliers about their ideas and how they can best engage with DASA. All of our Innovation Partners are Civil Servants who work for the government and they will protect your Intellectual Property. Your correspondence and any discussions will be in strict confidence.

If you would like to speak to an Innovation Partner please complete an ‘Innovation Outline - Referral to an Innovation Partner’ form, you will need an account in our submission service to do this - steps as follows:

To Register

Please register for a new submission service account here.

To log in once registered

If you already have a new submission service account log in here.

Next steps

Once in your submission service account click ‘Start Now’.

  • Under competition type, tick ‘Open Call for Innovation’.
  • Competition Name: choose ‘Innovation Outline Referral to an Innovation Partner’.
  • Tick to say you accept the terms and conditions.
  • Save and Continue.
  • Give your proposal a relevant title relating to your idea, or if it is for an Innovation Focus area, add the unique number.
  • Add a brief summary of what you would like to talk about with an Innovation Partner.
  • Tick at least one Technology area. If you are unsure which to tick, give it your best guess. You will not be held to this area.
  • Save and Continue.
  • In Section A: Innovation details, you must add something. You could give more detail about your idea, so that the Innovation Partner will be better informed when they contact you, or you can just state that you wish to speak to an Innovation Partner, it is your choice.

Once we have your contact details, and a brief outline of what you would like to discuss, the Innovation Partner from your region will aim to contact you within 10 working days. If you experience any issues or wish to discuss a specific competition or speak to someone else in DASA, please email us at

Published 29 July 2019