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Buying for schools

Information to help schools run an efficient procurement process when buying goods and services.

Information to help you follow the correct procedures for buying goods and services for your school. These documents will help you comply with current legislation and get a good deal.

Procurement guidance

Follow our step-by-step guidance on buying for schools to help you through the procurement process.

We also offer training modules about the procurement process.

Templates, forms and model documents

Exemplar documents and forms that schools can adapt and use to help with the procurement process.

  1. School procurement: expression of interest form

    • Form
  2. School procurement: example letters for the tender process

    • Guidance
  3. School procurement: bid evaluation scoring summary

    • Guidance
  4. School procurement: example contracts

    • Guidance
  5. School procurement: example timelines

    • Guidance
  6. School procurement: glossary

    • Guidance
  1. Sustainable procurement: the GBS for food and catering services

    • Statutory guidance
  2. School procurement: Microsoft memorandum of understanding

    • Guidance
  3. Cloud software services: how schools should protect data

    • Guidance
  4. Leasing and subscription services for school equipment

    • Guidance
  5. School procurement: selecting a school MIS

    • Guidance
  6. Procurement training for schools

    • Guidance