Breast screening: professional guidance

Standards and guidance for health professionals, managers and commissioners working in the NHS breast screening programme.

Breast screening: commissioning and testing of X-ray systems is published by Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Consolidated programme standards

Programme guidelines

Programme standards and guidance for breast pathology can be found on the Royal College of Pathologists website

Good practice in breast screening

  1. Breast screening: arbitration guidance
  2. Breast screening: copying letters about clients
  3. Breast screening: screen detected ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
  4. Breast screening: set and maintain round length
  5. Breast screening: managing B5 core malignant biopsies
  6. Breast screening: processing and issuing results
  7. Breast screening: ergonomics in screening mammography
  8. Breast screening: how to record vacuum-assisted excisions
  9. Breast screening: imaging women with breast implants
  10. Breast screening: interval cancers and duty of candour toolkit
  11. Breast screening: manage mammograms and records
  12. Breast screening: repeat mammograms
  13. Breast screening: women wanting to attend service out of area
  14. Breast screening programme: supporting women with learning disabilities

Screening higher risk women

Consenting and withdrawing from the programme

  1. Cancer screening: informed consent

Research and reviews

  1. Breast screening: radiation risk with digital mammography

Quality control and testing

General equipment guidance

Screening equipment and medical physics services

Equipment technical evaluations

Equipment practical evaluations

Published 1 June 2015
Last updated 21 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added 'Breast screening programme: supporting women with learning disabilities'.
  2. Added 'Breast screening: IMS Giotto Class DBT system'.
  3. Addition of new guidance on leading a breast screening programme to document collection
  4. Addition of new ergonomics in mammography guidance to document collection.
  5. Addition of Breast screening: how to record vacuum-assisted excisions to document collection
  6. Added technical evaluation of the Fujifilm AMULET Innovality digital breast tomosynthesis system.
  7. Added out-of-area guidance and duty of candour toolkit to collection.
  8. Added 'Breast screening: radiation risk with digital mammography' to new 'research and reviews' group.
  9. Added interval cancer guidance and programme specific operating model.
  10. Added implants imaging guidance and consolidated standards.
  11. Added arbitration guidance.
  12. Technical evaluation of Siemans Inspiration PRIME mammography system added.
  13. Added digital tomosynthesis system evaluation.
  14. Added 2 new documents under equipment.
  15. Added previously-published quality assurance documents to breast screening professional guidance.
  16. First published.