Bowel cancer screening: commission, provide, inform

These documents explain the NHS bowel cancer screening programme (BCSP) and set out details for commissioning and providing the service.

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Commission screening

Provide screening

Quality assurance

Guidance on accreditation for colonoscopists and Bowel Scope endoscopists is available from the Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy site.

Inform the public

  1. Bowel cancer screening: benefits and risks

    • Promotional material
  2. Bowel cancer screening kit: how to use

    • Promotional material
  3. Bowel cancer screening: colonoscopy

    • Promotional material
  4. Bowel cancer screening: having a CT colonography (CTC) scan

    • Promotional material
  5. Bowel cancer screening: easy guide

    • Promotional material
  6. Bowel cancer screening: colonoscopy easy guide

    • Promotional material
  7. Bowel scope screening test: what it is

    • Promotional material
  8. Bowel scope screening enema: how to use

    • Promotional material
  9. Bowel scope screening: easy guide

    • Promotional material
  10. Bowel scope screening: colonoscopy

    • Promotional material


Published 1 January 2015
Last updated 5 July 2018 + show all updates
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  2. Addition of bowel cancer screening programme standards to document collection
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