Bowel cancer screening: education and training

Training and continuing professional development (CPD) for people working in the NHS bowel cancer screening programme (BCSP) in England.

This guide sets out education and training resources available to healthcare professionals working in the NHS bowel cancer screening programme (BCSP).

Specialist screening practitioners

Read the education and training requirements for specialist screening practitioners (SSPs) document to find out the framework for SSP induction and SSP competency requirements


The Screening Assessment and Accreditation System (SAAS) website includes information about the accreditation process and standards for endoscopists working in the BCSP.

E-mail the joint advisory group (JAG) on gastrointestinal endoscopy if you have any questions about the accreditation process.

Physicians: video learning modules

Watch 4 medical animations for physicians showing:

  • polyp development
  • malignant transformation
  • tumour invasion
  • polyp resection and removal

Education and training: all programmes

This includes:

  • the screening timeline
  • events
Published 8 December 2017